Privacy Notice

Your data and AI Test Kitchen

This notice and our Privacy Policy describe how Google handles your data when you interact with AI Test Kitchen. Please read them carefully.

Google LLC (Google) collects your AI Test Kitchen interactions, tool outputs, related product usage information, and your feedback. Google uses this data, consistent with our Privacy Policy, to provide, improve, and develop Google products and services and machine learning technologies, including Google’s enterprise products such as Google Cloud.

By default Google stores your AI Test Kitchen history for up to 18 months, except your interactions with TextFX which has history disabled for all users.

To help with quality and improve our products (such as generative machine-learning models that power AI Test Kitchen), human reviewers read, annotate, and process your AI Test Kitchen interactions and tool outputs. We take steps to protect your privacy as part of this process. This includes disconnecting your conversations, interactions and tool outputs from your Google Account before reviewers see or annotate them. Please don’t enter confidential information in your conversations or interactions or any data you wouldn’t want a reviewer to see or Google to use to improve our products, services, and machine-learning technologies.

Configuring your settings

If you want to use AI Test Kitchen without saving your interactions and tool outputs, you can disable history by switching off the “Enable Library” toggle in the menu. You can review your interactions and tool outputs or delete them at

Conversations that have been reviewed or annotated by human reviewers (and related data like your language or feedback) are not deleted when you delete your AI Test Kitchen history because they are kept separately and are not connected to your Google Account. Instead, they are retained for up to 18 months.

Even when AI Test Kitchen history is disabled, your interactions and tool outputs will be saved with your account for up to 72 hours. This lets Google provide the service and process any feedback. This activity won’t appear in your AI Test Kitchen library. Learn more.

If you disable or delete your AI Test Kitchen history, other settings may continue to save data as part of your use of other Google services.

You can request for the removal of content under our policies or applicable laws. You can also export your information by emailing

See AI Test Kitchen FAQ to learn more.

Things to know

  • AI Test Kitchen is an experimental technology and may sometimes give inaccurate information, including about people, or inappropriate information that doesn’t represent Google’s views. Double-check tool responses.
  • Don’t rely on AI Test Kitchen’s outputs as medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice.
  • You can give feedback by clicking the flag icon to make AI Test Kitchen better.